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All About Folkestone Baptist Church

Our Church was started in 1750 from a group of Baptists who met in the parlour of the local Miller, John Stace, and his wife Bennett. Since then we have met in a number of places including what is now the Samuel Peto Pub. These days we operate from a modern suite of buildings in Hill Road, Folkestone and at the Chapel in Capel-le-Ferne.

Baptists are ‘free Church’ Christians (not attached to the Church of England). We practice ‘Believers Baptism’, that means we baptise people who are old enough to choose for themselves to be baptised and understand the commitment they are making to be a life-long follower of Jesus and recognise him as their Saviour and Lord.

A Baptist Church is run by all its members with major decisions made together at our Church Member’s Meetings. The Church Meeting elects a Leadership Team to oversee much of the practical running of the church and operating as a Charity. But we believe that we are all equal and that every member should be active, serving God in the church and the wider community.

We seek to share the hope and joy we have found in believing in Jesus. We are a diverse group of people of different backgrounds, nationalities and ages. We seek to live out what it means to be ‘one in Christ Jesus’. We also have links to our much wider Christian Family. We are members of Baptists Together (the Baptist Union of Great Britain), South Eastern Baptist Association, Churches Together in Folkestone and The Evangelical Alliance.