What we believe

We are nuts about Jesus.

Quite simply, he is why we are passionate about God, the local community, and everything in between.

God made us to know Him and love Him. People generally, and us included, have messed up life. As a result, God feels far away. Jesus came and put us back in touch with God when he died and rose again. This means we can all know God if we put our trust in Him.

As human beings, we are designed to know God. And when we follow Jesus, that bit of why we were made is restored. The Spirit of God opens our eyes. He affects our work, our relationships, our family, our outlook on life, our eternal future - all for the good

That's why Jesus is so great. Knowing him changes every part of life. And we're just a bunch of folk, a lot like you, who are muddling through and following Jesus together.

If you'd like to know more, we're regularly running a short course called Alpha to look at who Jesus is. It's ten sessions. Contact Chris if you'd like to know more. 07808 728670.

For those who want to know more about our core beliefs, here are links to three statements which, as a Church, we have signed up to.

The Apostles Creed. This is an early statement of faith, followed by all Christians.

The Baptist Union Declaration of Principle. We are a Baptist church, which means we are governed by a meeting of all believers rather than by bishops, we only baptise believers and we are all called to share the faith.

The Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith. The EA is a larrge number of churches in the UK who believe in following principles of faith as laid down in the Bible.